Highpressure level indicator with color indication U 59

U 59 level indicator serves as direct pointer of level in the boilers of steam generators for max. pressure up to 18,0 MPa and max. temperature up to 355°C. It´s usable for different medium as well, but needs to be aproved by producer.
The level indicator is composed of body with transparent glass, upper and lower heads and drain valve.
The heads are equipped with safety ball closing element and quickclosing globe valve, controlled by lever with weight.
It can be equped with lightning device.
Level indicator allows body to be turned by 25°.
The level indicator is equipped with lightning device according to customer request. Two color design ( green/red ) allows observation through camera with good differentation.

More informations can be found below in catalogue lists.


Product Description

Type p Length Catalogue list
U 59-4p18,0 18,0 MPa 400-600 Display PDF

Produced design

Connection Flanged
Operation Automatic
Body material 4 – Forged carbon steel