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  • Manufacture cooperation

    Company Armatury KLAD Ltd. offers help in case of manufacture cooperation. Our company cooperates few years with some companies (for example Witzenmann, Armatury Group, Avemar etc.)

    Examples of machines for cooperation and products, which we made, you can see in the PDF.

    If you are interested in case of manufacture cooperation, contact Mr. Ladislav Tesař by e-mail klad@klad.cz

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About us

The company "Armatury KLAD", founded in 1993 by managment of former state company called "Minerva - Sigma Opava", is developing its activities in production of industrial valves - globe valves, level indicators, ball valves, gate valves, check valves, strainers, special types of valves and spherical joints targeted to energetic, petrochemical and chemical industry.

Production and marketing activities in the area of industrial valves are rated mostly for high temperature and pressure valves, including valves designed for special medias. In case of urgent orders we have emergency valve storages. According to traditions, we continue in production of strainer and products made from steel wool.

Contact the sales department for more information and catalogue lists for our products.

Armatury KLAD spol. s r.o. also wants to inform customers, that based on purchase contract (from 1.9.2011), is now owner of all products, licences, trademarks etc. of the company "Severočeská Armaturka, a.s. - in bankrupt. The whole production is therefore continued under the brand Armatury KLAD spol. s r.o.


Janska 22
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic

IN: 25358553
VATIN: CZ25358553


Phone number:
+420 553 624 496

Executive director:
Ing. Jan Štěpánek
E-mail: j.stepanek@klad.cz
Phone number: +420 737 323 622

Business manager:
Ing. Patrik Drápela
E-mail: p.drapela@klad.cz
Phone number: +420 703 342 932

Radmila Zamykalová
E-mail: r.zamykalova@klad.cz
Phone number: +420 602 726 627

Ing. Vlastimil Raida
E-mail: v.raida@klad.cz
Phone number: +420 737 213 998

+420 553 621 058

tel/fax. +420 553 624 496

Department of industrial valves:
tel/fax. +420 553 621 058

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