Vertical lift check valve with automatic relief Z 40

Is used as automatic working closing element, which prevents backflow of medium in displacement pipelines. If the check valve is open, the bypass chanell is closed and vice versa. The flow capacity in bypass can be controlled by throtlling diaphragm, which should be set regarding to individual parameters of pressure/flow.

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Pressure/temperature ratings

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Product Description

Type PN DN Catalogue list
Z 40 117-X16 16 65-250 Display PDF
Z 40 117-X40 40 65-200 Display PDF
Z 40 117-X63 63 65-200 Display PDF
Z 40 117-X100 100 65-200 Display PDF

Produced design

Connection 1 – Flanged
Operation 7 – Automatic
Body material 0 – Stainless steel, 4 – Forged carbon steel, 5 – Cast carbon steel