Highpressure control valve
V 43

The high pressure control valve with pressure-seal cover. It´s not meant to be used as closing element at it does not provide 100% tightness in close position. The body and the bonnet are always produced from either forged or rolled material. It´s used to regulate and control the flow of liquid and gas medium, according to requested parameters and characteristic.

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Pressure/temperature ratings

Product Description

Type PN DN Catalogue list
V 43 1XX X160 160 65-150 Display PDF
V 43 1XX X250 250 65-150 Display PDF
V 43 1XX X320 320 65-150 Display PDF
V 43 1XX X400 400 65-150 Display PDF

Produced design

Connection 1 – Flanged, 2 – Welding end
Operation 1 – Hand wheel, 2 – Gearbox, 3 – Electric actuator
Body material 0 – Stainless steel, 3 – Forged alloy steel, 4 – Forged carbon steel