High pressure continuous blowdown valve B 25.1

Continuos blowdown valve provides permanent blowdown of water from steam boilers. The valve has spindle with risign thread and poisition indicator ring with scale. The valve has throttle disc for setup the ammount of blowdown. This disc has construction for high pressure losses. This type is not closing element, to prevent leaking, it´s mandatory to add shut-off valve into pipeline.

More informations can be found below in catalogue lists.

Pressure/temperature ratings

Product Description

Type PN DN Catalogue list
B 25.1 1XX-XXXX 100-320 20-50 Display PDF

Produced design

Connection 1 – Flanged, 2 – Welding end
Operation 1 – Hand wheel, 3 – Electric actuator, 4 – Pneumatic actuator
Body material 0 – Stainless steel, 3 – Forged alloy steel, 4 – Forged carbon steel