Sight glass U 70, C 70

Sight valve serves as visual checking device of medium flow in the pipeline. It´s mainly used for water and mediums with same characteristic. It can be equipped with indicator of flow. For higher temperatures the mica can be added. Sight valves can be manufactured in 2 design – welded or machined.

More informations can be found below in catalogue lists.
U – EN, C – ANSI.


Product Description

Type PN DN Catalogue list
U 70-X16 16 10-200 Display PDF
U 70-X25 25 10-200 Display PDF
U 70-X40 40 10-200 Display PDF
U 70-X63 63 10-65 Display PDF

Type Class NPS Catalogue list
C 70-X150 150Lb ½”-8″ Display PDF
C 70-X300 300Lb ½”-8″ Display PDF

Machined design

Type PN DN Catalogue list
U 70.1 X-X16 16 10-200 Display PDF
U 70.1 X-X40 40 10-200 Display PDF

Produced design

Connection 1 – Flanged, 2 – Welding end, 3 – Threaded end
Operation Automatic
Body material 0 – Stainless steel, 4 – Forged carbon steel