Fully welded ball valve
K 85.51

The ball valves K 85.51 works on principle of solid ball and floating seats (trunion ball) with metal x metal sealing. Design is fully welded and this type is usually used for higher pressures and temperatures. The ball and seats are coated by special gard material. Regarding the used sealing, it can be produced as fire-safe, antistatic and anti-blow out.

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Pressure/temperature ratings


Product Description

Type PN DN Catalogue list
K 85.51 1XX-X160 160 50-300 Display PDF

Produced design

Connection 1 – Flanged, 2 – Welding end
Operation 1 – Hand wheel, 2 – Gearbox, 3 – Electric actuator, 4 – Pneumatic actuator
Body material 0 – Stainless steel, 3 – Forged alloy steel, 4 – Forged carbon steel